Interdisciplinary Protein Design

Our lab is interdisciplinary. One part of the research entails conducting in silico protein design, and the other part is wet-leb experimental screening of these designs. If you read through both the computational and the experimental project descriptions and you can’t decide, because both sounds great - congratulations! You can join our lab and learn / apply both aspects and conduct truely interdisciplinary research. That is the same way as Max has learned the trade, and although you might not dive as deep into certain techniques as a more specialised researcher, your flexibility and broad knowledge will compensate you double. Interdisciplinary training is also the best preparation for a career outside academia, where broad knowledge and skills are highly valued.

Maximilian JLJ Fürst
Maximilian JLJ Fürst
Assistant Professor of Computational Protein Design

I research computational protein design and high-throughput protein engineering.