Polycyclic ketone monooxygenase (PockeMO): A robust biocatalyst for the synthesis of optically active sulfoxides


A recently discovered, moderately thermostable Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase, polycyclic ketone monooxygenase (PockeMO), from Thermothelomyces thermophila has been employed as a biocatalyst in a set of asymmetric sulfoxidations. The enzyme was able to catalyze the oxidation of various alkyl aryl sulfides with good selectivities and moderate to high activities. The biocatalytic performance was able to be further increased by optimizing some reaction parameters, such as the addition of 10% v v−1 of water miscible solvents or toluene, or by performing the conversion at a relatively high temperature (45 °C). PockeMO was found to display an optimum activity at sulfide concentrations of 50 mM, while it can also function at 200 mM. Taken together, the data show that PockeMO can be used as robust biocatalyst for the synthesis of optically active sulfoxides.

Maximilian JLJ Fürst
Maximilian JLJ Fürst
Assistant Professor of Computational Protein Design

I research computational protein design and high-throughput protein engineering.